October 09, 2008


This set I made a few weekends back while hanging out with some friends. This set has nearly an hour and a half of SICK tracks! (It was a late night set, so forgive the few minor mishaps!) I think you will like this though, some really moving tunes.
Let me know what you think!

August 05, 2008

J-Dub Sessions #1

This is a live 2.5 hour session recorded while playing at a party. I decided to start keeping these and posting them here. This session starts and ends on a trancy kind of note, but has some rocking electro and breaky tracks throughout.

It's a REAL big file: 344MB. If that is too big for ya, here are some compressed versions (of course the sound will be compromised ;)

:: 119MB OGG Vorbis | 64Kbps MP3 ::

May 03, 2008

BPM - 37093

I made BPM-37093 for my birthday party. Although the name is a little weird, this set has some pretty incredible songs on it. "Sweet-Sweet Love" and "Young Ones" just to name a few... if you don't know those songs, you should check out this set - I am sure you will LOVE them.

January 02, 2008

Perfectly Nauseous

Perfectly Nauseous! This set I made at the beginning of 2008 for a trip to Hawaii. It has a lighter, funky and somewhat urban tone. Of course it has it fair share of electro-breaks, but you get some Stanton Warriors thrown into the mix.